I do not have to point the obvious. Illinois is falling behind. It is one of the greatest states and we have to put it back on the map.

By Alex Giannoulias
at the National Conference of Illinois

Changes and Platforms

A Need in Infrastructure

There are no doubts about it – infrastructure needs an urgent upgrade.

The infrastructure in Illinois has not seen any upgrades in years. There are decades since the last major highway was opened up to the public. While other states keep advancing, we seem to fall behind little by little.

The Medical System

Our public hospitals and clinics are rated below average in the USA.

Statistics do not lie. We train students to become nurses and doctors, only for them to move to other states and pursue more successful careers. It is totally understandable from their points of view, but we have to stop it.

The Educational System

Our educational system still works, but it stagnates in a constantly moving world.

Educational institutions in the USA keep getting upgraded round the clock. There is always room for more and it seems that Illinois have forgotten that. We settle for little and sooner or later, it will be obvious if we fail to change it.

The Financial System

Bankruptcy knocks at the doors of many of our towns – a disaster.

We have one of the lowest average income levels in the USA. Some of our towns are on the brink of bankruptcy. We have to relaunch our economy before it is too late and Illinois becomes USA's deserted state.

So, who is Alexi Giannoulias after all and what is behind his plans?

As the name clearly suggests it, Alexi Giannoulias has Greek origins, yet he was born and raised in Illinois. His parents are both American.

His grandparents from his father's side emigrated to the USA between the two World Wars and this is how the family got established in the area.

Over the years, he has studied in prestigious institutions and graduated with a few degrees before pursuing a career in politics.

These days, he is actively involved in politics, as well as a series of social projects meant to increase the living standards of Illinois residents.


Join the next congress of the party and find out more about what Alexi Giannoulias has in mind for Illinois and the surroundings.

Feel free to join – no obligations, but pure information.


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